KIDZ BOP Concert - Live on Sky One

KIDZ BOP Concert - Live on Sky One

37d677cfe7f33697ef0b3b140887135c.jpgI was so excited to be asked to be in the virtual audience of the KIDZ BOP concert.  I wasn’t sure what to expect being part of a concert at home in my living room, but I wasn’t disappointed!

The stage looked AMAZING with lots of TV screens behind of the other children like me, excitedly waving, as Max, Ashton, Twinkle and Mia entered the stage.

They had so much energy that I danced throughout, my favourite performances were ‘Dance Monkey’s’, ‘Shout Out To My Ex’, I like it like that’  and ‘Blinded By The Lights’.  The great thing about KIDZ BOP, is the songs they choose are songs that I know already and can sing along with.

Their matching outfits and dances are so cool,  they make the routines look really easy and I had lots of  fun trying to copy the dances.  I really enjoyed the part of the concert when they all showed off their individual dance skills in a sort of ‘dance off’.  I was also so impressed with how talented they are playing their instruments.

I can’t wait to watch the concert again and this time I will see if I can spot myself in the audience, whilst wearing my super cool and comfy KIDZ BOP hoodie!

I loved the concert and they inspire me to follow my dreams whilst having fun. 

Poppy Parker, age 9.

KIDZ BOP’s first-ever UK live concert special, ‘KIDZ BOP Live in 67dbde47e685ed23767c5866cea468fa.jpgConcert,’ will premiere exclusively on Sky One on 30 May, and an extended version will be available on Sky Kids on demand. The two-hour event features four 15-minute behind the scenes episodes giving fans an inside look at the British KIDZ BOP Kids on their rehearsal journey, leading up to a one-hour concert with a live virtual audience of fans.

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