Sammy The Sea Squirt

Sammy The Sea Squirt

9145e101d39987fbc2359d0eabb14e1d.jpgSammy the Sea Squirt storybook

Our Head of Education, Ezra Hewing has written a fun, psychologically informed storybook, showing the benefits of exercise on mental health. It’s called Sammy the Sea Squirt, and every Reception aged child (four-to-five-year-olds) in Suffolk is receiving a copy. We want to teach children at a young age how to look after their mental health, which is extremely important, especially at the moment.  

It’s with a huge thank you to the amazing Suffolk community that we were able to publish more than 8,000 books to give to every reception aged child in Suffolk.

To let your parents and carers know about the Sammy the Sea Squirt book, here are some words that you can use in your Parent Portal or Parentmail.

Win a copy of Sammy the Sea Squirt by entering our drawing competition! 

We launched our Sammy the Sea Squirt drawing competition where we want you to draw an exciting, colourful Sammy.

Entries are open to all primary school aged children. All you need to do is draw your Sammy, and get your adult to send a picture of it to with the artists name, age, their adults name and phone number.

Get your drawings to us by Tuesday 4th January 2022 to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Sammy the Sea Squirt. 

For some extra help, you can download our Sammy the Sea Squirt colouring template here.

Keep your brain and body healthy and happy with our 5ac241687bdef34d196926cea7912d90.jpgfestive activities 

Over the festive break, lots of us will enjoying having some relaxing time watching Christmas specials on the television, playing new video games and enjoying time with no routines or school to dash out to. This is great for a change in schedule and to wind down after a busy term, but as with lots of things in our lives, we need to keep a healthy balance of relaxation with activity.

Did you know, if we stay still for a long period or time, our brain recognises this and it slows down our responses and our ability to feel well and able to cope with challenges?

It can leave us feeling grumpy and bored. We need to move our bodies to burn off stress hormones and give us endorphins, which come with feeling good!

To keep your mind and body active and healthy over the break, download our Christmas movement ideas.

You can now purchase a copy of Sammy the Sea Squirt

Our Sammy the Sea Squirt book is now available to purchase.


Do you want to invite Sammy into your school?

We have created an exciting teaching session where children can learn more about the link between movement and mental health. Our qualified trainer could visit your school to tell the Sammy the Sea Squirt story, and put the learning into practice. 


9145e101d39987fbc2359d0eabb14e1d.jpgTo purchase this session, contact our schools team: 

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