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Labelling Costs You Less

Labelling Costs You Less

At Stuck On You, we’re all about embracing the philosophy of ‘less is more’—and our personalisable labels focus on organisation as a way to achieve all kinds of great ‘less’.

Firstly, less money. If you’re not losing items like clothing, shoes, lunchboxes, drink bottles and backpacks, then you’re not forking out cash to constantly replace them.

There’s less worry. If you’re not spending time on the constant hunt for misplaced items, you’re not stressed or anxious. With Stuck On You, there’s also less worry about quality. Our labels are scratchproof, as well as microwave-, dishwasher- and fridge-safe.

Lastly, less waste. In a society that’s sensitive to its global footprint, the demand for sustainability has never been greater. Using labels to personalise reusable food and drink containers—rather than always resorting to disposable options—means our everyday impact decreases.

All this ‘less’ leads to plenty of ‘more’. There’s more money in your pockets, more free time in your days, and more benefits for the environment. It is these goals that make Stuck On You committed to producing first-class, highly-effective labels for you and your family.

Our labels are available in iron-on, stick-on and multi-use varieties, and can all be personalised with names, colours, images and designs. We also offer direct personalisation to products such as lunchboxes, drink bottles, notepads, pencils and backpacks.

All children with a Stuck On You product will have something that is totally unique, and such will be the pride and awareness in their own items that they will never lose them again!

There is nowhere the Stuck On You label range is more effective than in schools. It is a place where kids should be focused on learning and making friends, not on which backpack or lunchbox is theirs.

We go beyond the idea of a basic name labelling system, knowing that some children may relate better to colours or designs—or that some children may not even be able to read their own name yet!

Our labels and products allow users to choose the text, the font, the style, the colour and the design. It means items can be truly personalised, catering to every child’s unique tastes and personality.

Go ahead and discover why labelling costs you less with Stuck On You!


Check out all the benefits of the Stuck On You range:

  • Iron-on labels are permanent, as well as dryer- and washing machine-safe.
  • Stick-on labels are scratchproof, microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe.
  • Multi-use labels are a fabric label with a sticky backing.
  • Labels can be used on just about everything, from food containers and drink bottles to pencils and shoes—and everything in between.
  • All labels can be personalised.
  • Labels are easy to apply.
  • Labels come in a variety of different shapes, colours, themes and designs.

All other Stuck On You products including Bento Boxes, Cooler Bags, Bags, Stationery—and many others—are made of the highest quality materials. They are designed to stand up to the rigours of everyday use and, most importantly, to last.


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Stuck on You

Stuck on You

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School is about your kids losing themselves in learning; not about losing their supplies.

With Stuck On You, you can ensure nothing ever goes missing again—from clothes and shoes through to drink bottles and lunchboxes. For a limited time, take 20% off the entire range of Stuck On You labels!

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