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SwimFin is the only single piece of equipment that has a purpose for use on all the 4 main swimming strokes plus much more. It has been designed by a highly qualified UK swimming coach with over 25 yrs experience and is the only swimming aid to have been endorsed by the ASA, Amateur Swimming Association. It also boasts endorsements and partnerships from leading organizations around the world and its credibility is set to be the market leader in the future of swimming.

Why every child should have a SwimFin!

·         Works in harmony with the body, helping to develop a better natural swimming position.

·         Worn on the back it allows the user total freedom around the arms and body.

·         Attaches quickly and securely with two velcro straps (no need to inflate or deflate).

·         Inspires imagination and play – is FUN to use.

·         SwimFin is used by swim schools and organizations around the world.

·         Speeds up the learning process across the four main strokes.

Kids love SwimFin because its shape appeals as a fun piece of kit. It also appeals to parents and instructors as it makes learning to swim more of a game than a chore. Tests have proved that learning to swim with SwimFin can reduce the process by up to a third less time. Kids love the idea and it encourages them into the water, they see it as a toy so it makes learning more fun. Swimfin is great for playing and encouraging imagination. The feeling of security encourages even the most 'clingy' and nervous children to go-it-alone in the water.

SwimFin is not just another swimming aid. In a nutshell it really is a fun way to ensure little ones stay super safe in the water and aid them in their swimming development. It's also perfect to take on holiday as the fins are highly visible in a busy pool or on the beach - perfect for finding your kids when you're trying to relax!

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