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Spilman's Cafe, Farm and Play Barn

Spilman's Cafe, Farm and Play Barn

We have been growing strawberries at Church Farm, Sessay, since 1970, starting off with 2 acres, and gradually increasing to the present 12 acres. 1 acre of raspberries was planted in 1990, and this area has now increased to 3 acres. Alongside these fruits are also blackcurrants, redcurrants, gooseberries and plums.

We also run a farm shop during the season, selling the fruit both ready picked and on a pick you own basis. Church Farm is in a very quiet, and beautiful location, and many people love coming to spend time in the fields picking some fruit, whilst enjoying the atmosphere.

Most recently we opened a cafe with a fresh and vibrant menu and daily specials. Alongside the cafe we opened the play barn so that little ones can have fun role playing, messing about with sand and mud, racing blow up animals and basically expending some energy before having a snack or lunch specially tailored for kids.

Besides the fruit, we also grow more conventional crops such as cereals, potatoes and fodder beet, as well as asparagus. We run a flock of 300 mainly Mule ewes and fatten our cattle inside during the winter, and out at grass in the summer. We are a family business and enjoy working closely with our customers, providing the service and high quality produce they require.


Church Farm, Sessay, Thirsk, YO7 3NB

14.2 miles  


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