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Baby Swimmers & Swimmers Academy

Baby Swimmers and Swimmers Academy in Harrogate and York 

Baby Swimmers & Swimmers Academy runs classes for your little ones from the age of 6 weeks old up to 14 years old, with classes in York and Harrogate every day.

There is a structured Awards Programme put in place, using STA Starfish and Stanley Awards. This enables you to see as a parent your babies and toddlers progress to a confident little swimmers. 

The classes are run with fun in mind and includes singing and skill related activities. You will physically notice your baby gain greater muscle control and hand-eye co-ordination, alertness is also improved through word association such as “reach”, whilst looking at and reaching for toys, which also stimulates the natural movement of their arms and legs.

The classes use simple actions accompanied by nursery rhymes, such as humpty dumpty where your baby will sit on the wall, then lean forward to splash into the water, turn around and hold on.  Before you know it they will be holding on by themselves, its amazing to watch and see your child develop.

Holding your baby in water is a fantastic bonding experience and rewarding too, as you interact and develop trust,  letting them float on their backs whilst singing twinkle twinkle little star and looking into their eyes is beautiful. 

As part of the session we teach you to take your baby underwater whilst you sit at the bottom of the pool and see your baby swim to you...its a fabulous experience!!

There is the social aspect that you will gain.... yourself and baby will interact with others and form lasting friendships as your babies grow.

Swimmers Academy run classes for children whatever their age and ability from beginners at 4 years old through to advanced levels for teenagers.

 These classes focus on stroke technique and distance as well as lifesaving skills and follow the STA Awards all the way up to Gold in both survival and swimming skills.

To find out more Call 0333 8008345, email or visit


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