Tin Foil Astronaut at Arc Stockton-on-Tees

Tin Foil Astronaut at Arc Stockton-on-Tees

0a800a6a50cf1a49329b30e6adf74a48.jpgA lovely foray today to ARC Stockton Arts Centre to see Kitchen Zoo’s production of Tin Foil Astronaut. At only 40 minutes away from Ripon, it’s an easy and straightforward car journey, with very affordable parking just outside.

This was a gorgeous piece of theatre to watch, complete with songs, puppetry, the man in the moon and even a trash collecting alien. It left us feeling warm and fuzzy, and smiling ear to ear.

Having had our fill of pantos and Christmas shows it was lovely to be able to see something a little different, and this tale of a young girl who needed to believe in herself didn’t disappoint.

The imaginative use of set and props was my favourite aspect of the show, pieces of set were turned around, linked together and bits added to them to create whole new scenes. The children loved the different characters, particularly Alba's Dad, who we all felt sorry for and like we wanted to give him a hug. Also refreshing to see a seemingly single parent family led by Dad, who had his own issues, and these were addressed in a thoughtful and light-touch way. 

Alba Dinkley (the little girl in the story) and the Man in the Moon also came out to say hi and have photos taken with the audience after, which made my kids very happy!

Well done Kitchen Zoo and Merry Christmas, and thanks for the invite Raring2go Co Durham, Darlington & Teesside48b1e43f816f3dc53ff9b14e4bfc0bfc.jpg - we will be visiting this lovely venue again!

For more info on what's on at ARC Stockton visit https://arconline.co.uk/

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