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Review of Orchard Toys New Travel Mini Games

Read what one family thought of the new Orchard Toys Travel Mini Games...       

Banjo Robinson Review

See what Pebbles Childcare thought of the Banjo Robinson Subscription...        

Review of Decathlon Bike

See what one 8 year old and her parents thought of this bike from Decathlon.....

Mysteries in time Ancient Egyptian Adventure review

Our young reviewer checks out the new offering from Mysteries in Time

Review of the Hape Double-Flavoured Birthday Cake

Read what one group of children at a child minders thought of this toy from Hape

Review of Hape Push Pal

See what 2 Mums and their boys thought of The Hape Push Pals - Duck and Bumblebee... 

SmartGames ‘Brain Train’ Review

See what Pebbles childminders and their children thought of the Brain Train from SmartGames.

Review of Hape Little Red Rider

Find out what 1 mum and her little boy thought of the Hape Little Red Rider...  

Hape Musical Instruments Review

Our young reviewer tests out some new instruments from Hape

Review of Roll-Up Bizzy Mats

Find out what our Raring2go! young reviewers think of the Roll-Up Bizzy mat...  

Forest Holidays-Blackwood Forest

Read our review on our pre-Christmas break at Forest Holidays Blackwood Forest...

Review of Hape Sand Toys

See what one Mum and her girls thought of these Hape Sand Toys in her review for Raring2go!



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Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities

Now that we are in autumn everyone is looking for things to do with the kids to celebrate this lovely colourful season. Here we have some great ideas, and they don't all involve being cooped up indoors! Get out and enjoy the cooler, fresh air and the crunchy leaves under foot - you can always return home afterwards for a hot chocolate and a snuggle