Experience all that Scotland has to offer

Experience all that Scotland has to offer

fd22ec8f8afbc53ac04d169d2cb61d69.jpgExperience all that Scotland has to offer, virtually... 

Climbing a Scottish Munro mountain, hosting your own Highland Games, getting up close and personal with pandas and taking part in a traditional Scottish ceilidh. Sound fun? Then, read on. 

If you love Scotland or would like to know more about all that it’s known for, VisitScotland have created a hub of virtual Scottish experiences for those unable to travel at this time.

The experiences allow those taking part to immerse themselves in Scottish culture and feel like they’re really there in person. There’s a host of experiences for families to enjoy together, even if in different households. Why not login separately, enjoy together and share your experiences?

The hub includes links to Edinburgh Zoo’s panda cam, a tour of The National Museum of Scotland (where you can view 20,000 objects that are on display!), and a tour of The Andrew Carnegie Birthplace Museum. For those that don’t know, Andrew Carnegie was a Scots-norm philanthropist who led the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century and became one of the richest Americans in history.

For fun at-home children’s activities, check-out:

Host your own Highland Games

Highland Games are a Scottish tradition that have been held for over 1,000 years. Over 80 of them normally take place around Scotland. Create a clan name, play some fun family games and end with a friendly game of tug of war.

Colour-in Scotland’s (mythical) creatures

2b4645308c1e8830d5eb64f5bc7288aa.jpgFrom unicorns to the Loch Ness Monster, get creative and colour in some of the creatures associated with Scotland. It’s the perfect rainy-day activity.

Learn about Heilan coos

Read and listen to an endearing story about Highland Cows, or ‘Heilan coos’ (in a Scottish accent) as they’re referred to locally, and about their life on a bonny (beautiful) Scottish glen. Available on Soundcloud for the perfect bedtime story. 

Join in the dance- The real Ceilidh

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