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Zoo Club at Northumberland College Zoo

Zoo Club is an engaging and interactive day for children aged 6-10 years of age (Junior Zoo Club) and 11-14 years of age (Zoo Club). We aim to have a maximum group size of 8 children each day.


What to expect – Arriving at 9.30am your presenter for the day will meet you at the admissions kiosk and then head to the DISCOVERY room to get to know each other in the group and to meet some of the reptiles and invertebrates we have in there. Zoo club attendees will need to wear a high visibility vest that we provide to ensure we can keep them safe and see where they are at all times.

After meeting some of our reptiles your presenter will then take you on a tour of the zoo meeting and greeting some of the animals while feeding some of them on the way around.

We use the tour as a guide to see what the club members are interested in that day so we can then plan activities around their interests.

These activities can include more feeding, making enrichment for some of the animals, handling some of our friendlier animals and helping muck out and clean along with grooming and health checking. Each day will be different depending on what jobs need to be carried out and what interests the group has.

The day ends at 4pm so please arrive just before to collect your child please. Pricing is £40 per child per day booked.

For more information and to request a booking form, please email

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