Halloween recipes

Halloween recipes

6f44c04643bec0ba3a3fa1fa73c4f802.jpgAt Raring2go! we have loads of ideas for fun and spooky Halloween food.  Get the kids involved, and have a Spooktacular time making some tasty treats! 

Some of these treats can even be made as fun, party Halloween activities for a group of children, or all can be made in advance and laid out ready for the party to start.

You can find all of our Halloween recipes on our website, but here are some quick links to some of our favourites.

Green Worm Jelly - raring2go.co.uk/recipes/halloween-recipes/green-worm-jelly

Easy peasy - 5 minutes preparation time plus time for the jelly to set.

Pumpkin Halloween Vanilla Cake Pops

What's Halloween without a carved pumpkin?  Cake pops are a great way to use up stale cake to avoid wastage and are a great alternative to sweets for the centrepiece at a Halloween party.  This recipe is courtesy of https://www.bakingmad.com

Hotdog Mummies

Only 2 ingredients (plus any sauces that you want.).  If you're having a halloween get together, the kids can even make their own hotdog mummy!

Spider Cookies

This is a quick 'cheats' recipe, to decorate pre-made / bought cookies!   Clearly... you can always bake your own first... just remember to let them cool before decorating.

Fruity Halloween Treats
A healthy, tasty, fruity option using satsumas 0a33b66816ab2a39ebd73c3c38da327f.jpgand bananas, to make mini orange pumpkins and ghostly bananas!

There are lots more Halloween recipes on our website: https://raring2go.co.uk/recipes/halloween-recipes

Whatever you do this halloween, have a spook-tacular time!

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