Wot-Ever Scrap Store

Wot-Ever Scrap Store

The Wot-Ever Scrap Store is part of the Connect Club Charity. This charity was founded for the support of members of the community managing a mental health problem by offering therapeutic voluntary employment in the Wot-ever Scrap store, Furniture Shop (Etcetera) and Bric-a-Brac shop (Wot-Nots). The Connect Club were the winners of the The Queens Golden Jubilee 'Unsung Heroes' award in 2003 for their outstanding contribution to the community. Besides offering support to members of the community managing a mental health problem, these three arms of the charity promote the recycling of household and industrial scrap, waste and second hand goods. For a small annual subscription, families, groups and schools can have access to a wide variety of RECYCLED materials for use in arts and crafts and projects for members of all ages.


Current annual subscription fees are £15 for families and individuals, £25 for small groups, £35 for small schools (under 100 pupils), £50 for medium size schools (between 100 and 200 pupils) and £75 for large schools (0ver 200 pupils).


Unit 6 , Bridgegate Centre, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 1JG
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