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ICS - Sailing camps for young people

ICS -  Sailing camps for young people

ICS - International Competitive Sailing - A truly positive learning experience.

ICS has over 35 years experience in delivering truly excellent sailing courses for young people. With the high staff to student ratio and our core ethos: "We aim to encourage a positive learning experience; one that not only leaves each skipper with a sense of personal achievement, but also increases their self-confidence and self esteem," - we create a positive learning environment and get amazing results.

Courses are structured so that skippers are arranged into small groups of similar abilities.  There is no requirement to belong to a sailing club, and there is no minimum swimming experience required to attend an ICS course.  If a skipper can’t swim we must be made aware and they should wear a full life-jacket (rather than a buoyancy aid) at all times when on or near the water.

Syllabus and awards

We use the RYA Youth Training Scheme, and for Optimist sailors we also use the International Optimist Class Association UK (IOCA) scheme.

The days run from 0930 - 1800 and are very full. We also give out ‘homefun’ each evening (except the last) to keep the skippers' minds in sailing mode even after the day has finished. Homefun also helps the instructors gauge how well the skippers in their group are grasping the elements being taught, and they may adjust their daily plan as a result. Although homefun should not take longer than 15 minutes, skippers tend to be exhausted at the end of the day, because of this we don't advise that additional evening activities be planned during the course.

Our courses are 3 and 4 days long. New sailors often achieve Level 1 on their first course, and as a general rule, if skippers have sailed regularly since their last grade was achieved, they will progress through their next grade on the course. However, we're well known for only awarding certificates when the level has genuinely been achieved, we do not give ‘attendance certificates’. Awarding certificates for the sake of it only gives a false impression of the skipper's level and actually does no good to their self esteem. It's much better to feel good about achieving a grade when you know it is well deserved. And grade-achievement can also be weather dependant.

Instructors and Staff
We draw on a corps of experienced instructors who are conversant with our teaching methods. New staff are briefed before hand and will be teamed up with staff who have worked for us before. For the typical number of fifty six children on a course there is a staff of around twenty including fourteen instructors, giving us a ratio of 1:4. Two instructors are allocated to each group, at least one of whom (usually both) holds the qualification 'RYA Dinghy Instructor'. There are, on average, eight children in each group. There are at least two RYA Senior instructors on site and almost everyone holds a valid first aid certificate.


Papercourt Sailing Club, Polesden Lane, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6JX

6.41 miles  
  07961 964354    

Cookham Reach Sailing Club, Berries Road, Cookham Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9SD

17.5 miles  
  07961 964354    
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Halloween Recipes

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Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities

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