Raring2go! Guide to Halloween at Home!

Raring2go! Guide to Halloween at Home!

277eff90369697dca65dcadd6abdc4de.jpgRaring2go! Guide to Halloween at Home!

With Halloween looking a little different this year, try out some of these awesome autumn activities to have a Howlingly Horrifying Halloween...

1.  Decorate Your House

Even if you can't go Trick or Treating this year, you can still make your house look spooktacular!  Download and colour-in our pumpkin templates and pop them in your windows for other children to spot.  Find some templates on our website here.

Have a go at making a Halloween Lantern - click here to see how!

Or what about making ghosts with fallen leaves that have been painted white?

Have a look at the Kids Zone on our website for lost of halloween crafts and activities.

2.  Feed the Birds
Making a bird-cake will definitely attract birds to your garden and is a nice activity to do with your children. You will need-bird seed, raisins, peanuts, grated cheese, lard or suet, string, empty yoghurt pots, scissors and mixing bowl. Use the lard at room temperature, cut into small pieces, and put in mixing bowl. Add other ingredients and mix with your fingers. Make a hole in the pot and tie string to it. Fill the pots with the mixture and set in the fridge for a couple of hours. Hang them on the trees and wait!

3.  Carve a Pumpkin
Pumpkin carving is a must! Each year the designs get more elaborate!  Book a Farm Pass for Garsons Esher and pick your 3a1648aca00ba44744c714b25aef20d7.jpgown!  Or pick up a home-grown pumpking on your next visit to Bocketts Farm.  Share your photos to our Facebook page once you've carved them - we'd love to see how creative you've been.

4. Make Mud Pie Spells
“Hubble bubble, troil and trouble”…a nice easy activity that you can do in the garden. Make a mud pie or a witch’s brew with lashings of mud and water and anything else you can find to throw in.

5. Welly Walks

We have wonderful local attractions to stroll around this Autumn, including Painshill, Claremont Landscape Gardens, Hever Castle and more; you may be able to follow one of their nature trails.  See how much the colours of the trees have changed since the summer, and find different coloured leaves on the ground.

You could make your own nature trail, just write a list of objects to find such as funny shaped leaves, squirrels, conkers, spiders webs, or toadstools.  You might even want to collect objects for a nature table at home.  The Woodland Trust also publishes a free trail that you can download or download a Nature Trail tick list on our website here.

6.  Reach for the Stars!

How about camping out in the garden this October Half Term, and maybe lighting a fire? You could all sit around it, toasting marshmallows and sharing ghost stories!  Then turn off your torches and join together for some stargazing.

The National Trust put Stargazing as no.27 on their list of 78cb51120d77ac8e1dea1d1c202b572e.jpg50 things to do before you’re 11¾. See their top tips by visiting nationaltrust.org.uk/features/top-tips-for-stargazing.

As well as stars, you might spot the ISS. The football field-sized international space station flies over the world at speeds approaching 17,500 mph (28,000kmh). The Nasa App is a great resource for space fans.

7. Hide and Seek

Have a go at painting some rocks with a Halloween theme, then head outdoors to hide them. Another more sophisticated treasure hunt is called ‘geocaching’. Download the Geocaching app on your smartphone to have a go. It uses GPS to help you find containers, or ‘caches’ that other people have hidden. It’s a worldwide craze and there are millions of caches hidden right under your nose! You could even hide one yourself. See the article on the Raring2go! website to learn more.

8.  Get cooking!

Even if you can't have a halloween party, you can still make lots of spooky food for your family.  From Spider Cookies to Tasty Monster Mouth Treats or Spooky Cheesecake to Hotdog Mummies, our Halloween Recipes will keep your hands busy and your tummies full! 

9.  Zoom and Gloom
If you can’t meet up with your pals or family for Halloween, how about organising a spooky video call with them? You could dress up, dim the lights and each take turns telling a ghost story. Even better – the children could write their own stories!

Or make a spooky music playlist....can you learn the dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller?

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