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Best family beach holidays UK vs Abroad?


ca512d5b138046c733593b27c9c8ed7b.jpgIf you haven't already booked a break away with the family, here are some handy hints to help you decide where to go, when thinking about a beach holiday.

Best sand for sandcastle building

Not too wet, not too dry, close enough to water for topping up moats but not so close to get washed away by the encroaching tide.  Having spent many happy hours creating sandcastles at home and abroad AWTYK can confidently say that beaches in Torquay in Devon has produced the best results so far.

UK 1                   Abroad 0

Hot and sunny beaches

If the sun shines, temperatures can rival the best days in Spain, but we all know this is a big IF. For winter sun, the Maldives is beautiful all year if your budget stretches that far. Thailand is a cheaper option and is culturally rich with incredible beaches. If you're after some guaranteed summer sunshine without a long haul flight, then the beaches of beautiful Formentera offer about 10 hours of sun a day from June with temperatures averaging about 26° C.  

Don't forget the suncream!

UK 0                   Abroad 1

Ease of travel

If you live close to a low cost airport, hopping on a plane to Alicante can be as quick as driving somewhere in the UK (including getting through security!) But travelling with little ones means the process of getting on a plane can be quite overwhelming.  Your own car with your own music, Ipads, sticker books, snacks etc. is a lot easier 78d733eb4dfe2ee124107ce8d1d6a939.jpgand you will never exceed the dreaded luggage allowance! Make the journey easier by planning regular comfort breaks and family games to pass the time; nothing beats a session of I-spy when you're stuck in traffic!

UK 1                   Abroad 0

Family Friendly food

The UK seaside offers many culinary delights, fish and chips is practically our national dish, Cornish Pasties make for a fabulous beach picnic as does potted shrimp but if you're feeling a little more adventurous, the Costa Blanca coastline is very family friendly and offers an wealth of amazing seafood restaurants to while away quality family mealtimes in sunnier climes.

UK 0 Abroad 1

So our (highly unscientific) analysis of beach destinations show that you can have an amazing holiday anywhere. Start the planning, get the whole family involved and make the most of the school holidays.

Happy travels!

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