Hopscotch Shoes - First Shoes for Baby

Hopscotch Shoes - First Shoes for Baby


1b88db88b87dfdebe4dc240bf8778a03.jpgIt's a very exciting time when your baby starts to stand, after crawling around for a few weeks or sometimes months.  Then they begin to take their first steps - generally anywhere between 10-15 months old.  It's best to leave baby barefoot as long as possible but with Winter approaching, little feet can get quite cold so you may want some protection for the foot sooner rather than later. 

Always ensure that baby's first shoes are very soft and flexible; shoes with a stiff sole should be avoided as they are not meant for new or first walkers.  Your baby will also find these difficult to walk in as generally they will be too heavy for them.

In colder weather you may want to buy pram shoes for your baby.  These are not suitable for walking or standing outside but will keep feet warm. Make sure these do not crush the toes;  the same applies to socks. These must be bought with plenty of room for toes to move freely. 

At Hopscotch we stock pram shoes and pre walkers/first walkers from Bobux, Pediped and Start-rite so have a lovely selection, whatever your budget. 

We always measure the feet to ensure a perfect fit, and very often will go a little bit bigger in these first shoes, as we like to ensure the toes have lots of room to move around, although they must be a snug fit. Therefore it is imperative at this first stage of walking that you visit a shoe 5ce2f55a1cec0a9d65cc8d44225f97a1.jpgshop with fully trained staff. A good shoe shop, such as Hopscotch will offer a professional fitting service and always offer expert advice.

Once you purchase your baby's first shoes, make sure you check them every 6-8 weeks just to make sure she hasn't grown out of them. Her feet will grow by approximately 2 sizes per year until she is about 4, then around one size per year after that. This of course is just an estimate  as all children's feet grow at different rates.

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