Help Us Help You: NHS pharmacy advice

Help Us Help You: NHS pharmacy advice

dace10c9e7b51799d93916a44f62a6db.jpgNobody said parenting was easy, but nothing prepares you for the worry when your child gets ill. A million questions go through your mind: What’s going to happen? Are they OK? Where should I go for advice? What’s the best course of treatment?

Let’s be honest, sometimes it can feel confusing on where to get clinical advice. However, community pharmacists offer a convenient, quick way to obtain clinical advice for minor illnesses.

That’s right, your local pharmacist is qualified to handle all of your minor health concerns. From coughs, colds, sore throats, and eye infections, if your child is over 5 years old they’re the best first port-of-call for when your body is struggling to shake mild symptoms after a couple of days.

Also, did you know that 9 in 10 of us live within a 20-minute walk of skilled healthcare professionals with 5 years of medical training? 

And if your symptoms suggest it’s something more serious, pharmacists have the right clinical training to make sure you get the help you need immediately.

Your local pharmacist is specially trained to spot any interactions between different types of medication, and understand the potential side effects, in order to give the best advice possible.

There’s no need to book an appointment either. Skip the queues and awkward appointment times of the GP surgery by visiting your local pharmacy for when you, or your family, have any minor health concerns. Their private consultation rooms are there to ensure you have a comfortable b4070b63cd3e486d0e30e415230ae835.jpgand discrete service.

TV doctor, Dr Hilary Jones, says: “As GPs working in the NHS, we know that pharmacists are professional, highly trained and a vital part of community health services. For many people with minor health issues, going to their local pharmacy can be another quick, safe and convenient way to get the help they need.”

Find out where your nearest pharmacy is by visiting

Alternatively, phone NHS 111 or go online to for when you need help fast with your non-emergency health issues. The helpline and website (for people aged 5 and over only) can both direct you to the most appropriate healthcare services; particularly useful for if you need help outside of your pharmacy’s opening hours.

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