Babies and Children - Dental Tips from Beech House Family Dental Practice

Babies and Children - Dental Tips from Beech House Family Dental Practice


beef970229ac2494aba7c51f04aebc98.jpgOver festive periods, many parents worry about the effect that the inevitable deluge of chocolate may have on their children's teeth.  The dentists at Beech House Dental are often asked how to minimise the harmful effects of chocolate and sweets whilst still allowing children to enjoy their festive celebrations.

At Beech House Dental we know that for many families striking the balance can be difficult and we are happy to advise on all aspects of children's dental health. Having healthy teeth in childhood is essential if we are to enjoy good dental health in adulthood, at Beech House Dental we provide FREE dental check ups for under 16's where the parents are registered patients at our practice.

Tooth decay happens when the enamel and dentine of our teeth becomes softened by acid attack after we eat or drink anything containing sugars.  Sugars are present in many so called €œhealthy foods€ such as fruit, raisins, yoghurt and milk as well as the obvious sweets and
biscuits.   In fact the stickier the food, the more harmful for teeth, so chocolate isn't the worst!

At Beech House Dental we advise:

  • Allow sweet foods only as part of a main meal. The fewer times teeth come under acid attack the better, so wolfing all those Easter eggs as quickly as possible is better than making them last for weeks!
  • Snacks between meals should always be sugar free. Cheese neutralizes acid in the mouth and is an ideal snack or to follow a sweet food.
  • Develop a water habit. Even b1bf3d96f87227f2a7cdbde7ddbab976.jpgthe sugar free drinks will produce harmful acid in the mouth.
  • Supervise 2 minutes of teeth brushing twice a day using a fluoride toothpaste. Using a timer makes brushing fun.  Spit, don't rinse so that some toothpaste remains around the teeth.

At Beech House Dental we have been caring for the dental health of the whole family for many years. We have an excellent reputation as a caring and friendly dental practice offering modern treatments for every age group.  
Denplan offers an affordable monthly payment scheme for you and your children.

For more details, please visit our website:

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Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross is the Practice Owner of Beech House Dental Practice, and qualified in 1982 from UCL London.  


As a family practice, Beech House work with you and your family to give you great advice on teeth care, helping to avoid fillings, gum disease and infection. Andrew has a close interest in cosmetic dentistry including veneers , inlays and tooth whitening.



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