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Tinies Childcare

Helen Roberts has set up Tinies

Northumberland - North East, which will provide a wide range of childcare services to the area.


Providing Nannies, Mothers' Helps and Babysitters to local families, as well as supplying staff to Nurseries - this is her priority.  However, Helen won't stop there:


"I am very excited about the ability to help out families and nurseries,


who have an emergency and need

immediate childcare.  Typically

working mums rely very heavily on their childcare arrangements not breaking down - but there are no guarantees.  A sick Nanny who needs to take the day off or a nursery that cannot admit a child with chicken pox creates a huge crisis for working families. What they need is someone they can call at 7:30am in the morning, and have childcare sorted in an hour.  That is what I will deliver."


Tinies has calculated that the average working parent faces at least 14 days per year of childcare emergencies, and in recession times the pressure is on 'working parents' to not take too many days off work for family emergencies.  Tinies has also teamed up with

employee benefits company, 'My Family Care', to encourage companies to offer subsidised emergency childcare to their employees.



Tinies Childcare is the leading

supplier of UK nursery staff.

Tinies supplies nurseries all over the UK with both their permanent and temporary staff.  We have a reputation in the

industry for 'supplying the best quality nursery staff' and for being on call for

whenever your need arises.  Whether you are a nursery looking for reliable and capable nursery staff for permanent

vacancies, or if you need temporary

supply nursery staff Tinies can help. Our emergency contact number is available from 7:30am Monday through to Friday.



Do you require a Nanny on a Temp,

Permanent or Emergency?  Do you

require a Babysitter for an evening or weekend event, special occasion?  Is your child sick and therefore you cannot take them to nursery?  Why not call your local branch of Tinies Childcare and we can assist you with your requirements.



Fun, safe mobile crèches and activity workshops for all ages. Tinies Crèches ( is the only

crèche company with national coverage.  We create our mobile crèche packages to suit all events and budgets. 



Naughty but nice Puddings!

Naughty but nice Puddings!

Check out our delicious puddings, my favourite is the limoncello trifle, not suitable for the kids, but there are some other scrummy recipes that the whole family can enjoy! Take a look in our pudding section for recipes to make summer BBQ's and eating alfresco all the more tasty! My girls LOVE the chocolate pizza - making it, but mostly eating it!

Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

Over the weekends and holidays there are always times when your children need some chill out time, or to fill an hour or so, or they say the dreaded 5 letter word - BORED! Well, our KidsZone is here to rescue you and them from these moments. Full of puzzles, colouring in sheets and activities from films and programmes there is lots to keep busy!