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Smallprint - Nicola Biggs

Smallprint - Nicola Biggs

Capture your child's fingerprint in silver forever. Penants, charms, cufflinks, keyrings and more.

Venue visit 
visit my website to find out where I will be taking prints locally to you. But don't worry, if I am not in a venue close to you in the near future, get in touch and you can make an appointment with me another way. 
Toddler groups
I am happy to bring all my samples and print-taking kit along to your toddler group and take prints for you and your friends at your local toddler group. 
Hold a Smallprint party
Why not gather together a group of friends so you can have prints taken at home. I will bring along all of my samples so that you can try them on and see what suits you best and take prints there and then. What's more, there are great savings to be made for the hostess. For more details click on "Hold a Smallprint Party" on the right. 
Order on line
Currently, you will need to make an appointment with me to have your item made, but I will soon be offering the ability to order most of my ranges on line (with the exception of fingerprint items, where each piece will always have been touched by your loved one).
If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch. 


, HP12 3PY

  07934 485614    
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