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Mini Treasures

Each piece of fingerprint jewellery is unique.All pieces of Mini Treasures jewellery is individually hand-made and come in many different shapes and styles. Choose from Necklaces, Bracelets, Cufflinks, Keyrings or just a charm on it's own.

Mini Treasures will recreate your child's artwork to produce a mini masterpiece for you to cherish forever.

Fingerprint's can be taken from any age but the older the child the better the print. Babies up to a year are still developing their fingerprint so why not have a hand or foot print captured on jewellery instead.

Simply provide Mini Treasures with a copy of your childs artwork and we will do the rest. For fingerprint/hand & footprint jewellery we can arrange an appointment for a print to be taken.

Precious Memories Captured Forever


Naughty but nice Puddings!

Naughty but nice Puddings!

Check out our delicious puddings, my favourite is the limoncello trifle, not suitable for the kids, but there are some other scrummy recipes that the whole family can enjoy! Take a look in our pudding section for recipes to make summer BBQ's and eating alfresco all the more tasty! My girls LOVE the chocolate pizza - making it, but mostly eating it!

Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

Over the weekends and holidays there are always times when your children need some chill out time, or to fill an hour or so, or they say the dreaded 5 letter word - BORED! Well, our KidsZone is here to rescue you and them from these moments. Full of puzzles, colouring in sheets and activities from films and programmes there is lots to keep busy!