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.Suitable for freezing




minutes cooking time
.140 C°, 275 F°, Gas Mark 1


  • 6oz Plain Flour
  • 2oz Caster Sugar
  • 4oz Butter


  1. Mix flour and sugar
  2. Dice the butter (room temp)
  3. Squeeze all ingredients together
  4. Eventually it will make a biscuit dough - work until it all sticks together (not crumbly)
  5. Use 7" loose bottom cake tin
  6. Dust tin with flour
  7. Flatten shortbread mix - put in tin and push down so it fills the bottom
  8. Take it off the tin base and put it onto a lightly greased baking sheet
  9. Crimp the edges using your fingers Prick all over with a fork
  10. Cook in a very low oven Gas 1-2 for 1 hour or so
  11. Check you don't over cook it - but it needs long enough to dry out
  12. Once out of the oven cool on a cooling rack and sprinkle all over with caster sugar
You can also roll the dough out and use cutters-perfect for Christmas Trees! These will need less cooking

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