Didi Rugby Coventry - ONLINE!

Didi Rugby Coventry - ONLINE!

didi rugby’s online classes are proving to be a massive hit with parents and children across the UK.

While the coronavirus has led to schools closing and even a lockdown on all but essential travel, didi rugby coaches across the country have reacted quickly and are providing their ever-popular classes online instead.

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“We have enjoyed some amazing responses from parents who say they are not only happy to get their kids active but to give them a structured focus during the day.

“Meanwhile, our coaches have found online delivery very rewarding and have been full of stories about brightening up people’s day.”

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didi Rugby are rugby classes from 18 months to 6 years old.  Classes are running at Coventry RFC (Saturdays); Old Coventrians RFC (Wednesdays); Eastern Green (Sundays); Finham (Saturdays); and Kenilworth RFC (Sundays). Check out the website for further details.

About didi Rugby

didi Rugby has been devised to get young children active and to teach them new skills while having fun in a safe environment. 

Classes have been designed by former England Women’s international Vicky Macqueen and are aimed at kids in three separate age groups from 18 months to six years old. 

These age ranges offer flexible boundaries and are based on each child’s ability and confidence as opposed to a strict age structure. We want to make every child comfortable and the programme they enjoy personal to each one of them. 

didi Rugby will help your child get physically active, teach them new skills and improve their co-ordination, speed and balance. They will also help them learn social skills while having lots of fun in a positive, safe and friendly environment. 

Because of the age groups that are catered for at didi classes, parents and carers are very much encouraged to get involved as much or as little as they would like, and all classes delivered in a friendly and relaxed manner. 

In every session, there are two coaches ensuring that each child receives some one-to-one tuition and to ensure that even the shiest child feels a part of the friendly team.

didi Minis

18 months - 36 months

This age group will be taught the basic components of fitness in terms of balance, co-ordination, speed and strength using rugby to deliver these skills, with play and fun at the heart of everything we do. 

didi Mini is also an educational experience where children focus on learning more about things like colours, numbers and body parts while they are playing. 

Children take part in active and fun-filled sessions which encourage positivity, team play, respect and sportsmanship. Instilling these values early on in life has proven to enhance our future sportsmen and women and encourage a life-long participation in physical activity. 

At this age group, parents and carers are required to engage with and support their child and to encourage them to take part in activities which will give them a great start to life in the didi family.

didi Juniors

3-4 years old

The didi Juniors program fills the gap between toddler play and school-age games. 

We will aim to further develop the basic components of fitness in terms of balance, coordination, speed and strength using play and rugby as the tools to deliver these skills. 

Alongside the plan to develop the children’s rugby skills, didi Juniors continues to have an educational theme throughout. Kids will be furthering their number learning, sequencing, understanding of rules and starting to understand concepts of play. 

They feature skill and game-based sessions that will ultimately lead them to take part in other game activities, some rugby-based, where hand-eye coordination, speed, balance and core skills are required. 

At this age group, parents and carers are asked to watch from the side encouraging their child and getting involved if they need support.

didi Seniors

4-6 years old

The final stage of the didi Rugby experience is based around the idea that when children leave us at the age of six, their all-round understanding of the game is good enough to move seamlessly into club rugby with an under-7s side. 

didi Seniors encourages small-sided games that further build on the basic components of fitness, but also enhance the understanding of the basic concepts of rugby. 

Small-sided games teach your child to make decisions about where and when to pass, how to play with their team-mates and begin to show and understand that practice is required to improve individual ability. 

Children are taught skills and we are also keen to help them understand why and how they use these skills within a game situation. We will use tag rugby belts to enable an easier transition to under-7s rugby. 

The didi Senior program is an educational package that teaches rugby skills, while incorporating learning through play. 

At this age group, parents and carers are encouraged to stay and sit on the side to watch and support their child in the session.


Butts Park Arena, Butts Park Road, Coventry, CV1 3GE
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14 Church Lane, Eastern Green, Coventry, CV5 7BX
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Old Coventrians RFC , Tile HIll Lane, Coventry, CV4 9DE
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St Martins Church, 163 Green Lane, Finham, Coventry, CV3 6EA
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101 Glasshouse Lane, Kenilworth, CV8 2AH
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