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Review of the Karcher Pressure Washer


kercher_image1.jpgMy 4 year old daughter has recently trialled the children's ‘Kercher Pressure Washer' which has been much appreciated over the past few hot, sunny weeks!

  Firstly, the washer caught my daughter's eye as soon as she saw it in the box, due to it being a water related toy, this almost made it a hit before we had even begun. The item was well packaged and looked appealing as it very much looks like a Kercher product for children. The item was simple to remove from the packaging and very simple to put together, my daughter was actually able to help assemble the product.

  From removing the item from its packaging, it was up and running within minutes by simply attaching it to the hosepipe, which was great as 4 year olds are not well renowned for their patience! It states on the packaging that the product is not designed to release water in the same way you would expect an actual pressure washer to, but in effect to mimic the idea of a pressure washer. This meant the water came out in a similar way that it does when using a hosepipe adaptor for watering the garden, which was ideal.

  My daughter quickly got to work cleaning her garden toys (as well as her baby brother!) and thoroughly enjoyed using the toy and having a sense that she was helping mummy and daddy to keep her toys clean. One issue we did find was that kercher_image2.jpgthe hosepipe slipped off the yellow box, which the water runs through, as my daughter was manoeuvring it around her toys in the garden, this did become a bit of a hindrance.

  The product comes with two different nozzles, one which allows a spray action. These were very easy to swap, my daughter was able to do it herself which was great as it gave her a sense of independence.

  On the whole the toy is good fun, particularly when the weather is good and is a great way of allowing children to become involved.

Charlotte Peace

Charlotte Peace

My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband Colin have been married for almost 11 years. We have two beautiful children, Florence who is 7 and Maximus who is 4. As a family we love nothing more than walking our gorgeous dog, Willow, getting messy and creative and snuggling up to watch a multitude of films together!

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