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My Unicorn Garden Review


9d7ca9d8043fcec09f4f3de5517f115e.jpgSo today, myself and my four year old son have been setting up and exploring the 'Unicorn Garden'. This is a toy/plant from the 'My Fairy Garden' collection. My son was super excited as soon as he saw the box as this has taken his interest whilst shopping on many occasions and his sister has something similar in her bedroom! The box makes the product instantly appealing as it is very colourful and well marketed.

The item comes with an instruction booklet which gives very clear and simple instructions as to how to piece the product together. Their are several clear bags inside the box with a variety of items which need putting together such as the arbour and wishing well but these are very easy to do and my son managed with a little support from myself. There are a few small pieces such as flowers to attach to the arbour so being cautious whilst opening bags is a good idea as not to lose anything!

The one thing I like about this product is it enables children exploratory freedom in putting it all together and the opportunity to use their imagination. My little boy had a lovely narrative going as he placed everything where he wanted it in his garden. The Unicorn Garden could be a lovely way to encourage speech and language if used in the right manner.  It also allows the opportunity to talk about growth and decay with your child. My son seemed to 7a34fd18246b1a61c6df686c69399b96.jpgenjoy talking about what we were going to need to do to help the grass to grow. The item comes with a little glass jar of 'fairy dust' which my son loved sprinkling over his garden as well as saving some for later.

The product comes with a small pack of grass seed but plenty for the size of the bowl provided. There is no soil provided in the box so this is something to be aware of when opening, ensuring you have some ready is essential.

All we now need to do is wait for the grass to grow!

We both love this product. It is creative and inventive and I think the creators of this product have found a wonderful way to engage children in an educational activity. The product appears to range from £15-£20 making it something you may buy for a purpose such as a gift. I do think the product is worth the money due to my sons reaction to it. It would make a wonderful gift or a beautiful way to introduce your children into the 'gardening' world.

My Unicorn Garden can be purchased HERE £19.99rrp

Charlotte Peace

Charlotte Peace

My name is Charlotte, myself and my husband Colin have been married for almost 11 years. We have two beautiful children, Florence who is 7 and Maximus who is 4. As a family we love nothing more than walking our gorgeous dog, Willow, getting messy and creative and snuggling up to watch a multitude of films together!

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