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Durham School

Why Durham School?
Durham School is a caring, supportive community where we aim to unlock and fulfil each pupil's full potential.

A message from The Headmaster of Durham School

Our unofficial motto at Durham School is 'Confidence for Life', and we believe this confidence allows our pupils to succeed in all areas of School life. The confidence that Durham School instils in its pupils is one that comes from understanding themselves: knowing their strengths and weaknesses so they are able to build on the former and work for on the latter.

Confidence comes from having a clear sense of right and wrong; the confidence to be one's own person means the ability to make the right choice rather than the expedient one. Confidence comes from experience; from having tried, failed and learned from the setback.

Confidence comes from preparation; the knowledge that pupils have put in the effort before an exam, a fixture or a concert so that they are ready for the challenge when it arrives. Confidence comes from an understanding of others; an awareness of people as individuals, with a diversity to be celebrated.

But don't just take our word for it - come and see for yourselves. Every day is an Open Day at Durham School so please get in touch and we will organise a visit.

Kieran McLaughlin - Headmaster of Durham School

Every Day is an Open Day at Durham School

We welcome individual family visits all year round at Durham School but we also hold a number of general open events each year when visitors can join with others to tour the school and meet with our pupils, parents and staff. Our main open day for the whole school (3-18) is held each year in October as well as a separate Sixth Form event. In addition, we hold specific open events. 

For many people their first experience of Durham School comes from a visit to one of our Open Days. Open Days offer a great opportunity to see round the School and to meet some of the current pupils and staff. There will be plenty of opportunities to chat to pupils and staff over light refreshments.  For latest Open Day dates and details please visit

We look forward very much to the opportunity of welcoming you and your family to an event at Durham School.   

For book your place, please contact our Admissions Officer on 0191 386 4783 or by email at 


Quarryheads Lane, Durham, Co Durham, DH1 4SZ

4.73 miles  
  0191 386 4783    
Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

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Raring2go! KidsZone

Raring2go! KidsZone

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