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Raring2go! Reviews Gangsta Granny Live on Stage!


9a2891a4d20065ed37ee3d2bd6d36a74.jpgRaring2go! Reviews:

Gangsta Granny Live on Stage!

Darlington Civic Theatre

Reviewed by Alison Nelson & her daughter  Robyn (11)

Refreshing Family Theatre - It would be a crime to miss Gangsta Granny! 

Raring2go! Rating ***** 5 Stars Highly recommended. Go & see it!

Fast moving, lots of imaginative, lively fun & laughs whilst retaining the comic genius & moral messages of the book. Hilarious yet heartwarming -  perfect family theatre you will love it - a must see!

David Walliams novels are very popular in our house and this one is a favourite! So we were unsure how the mad hilarity, wicked humour & poignancy of this  beloved book  would translate to the stage. Our fears were unfounded as the talented people at the Birmingham Stage Company, renowned for their Horrible Histories series, have created another masterpiece here which will have you in tears of laughter (& be prepared for a few of sadness too!)

The story is told through Ben (11, nearly 12) who every Friday night is sent to his flatulent, cardigan wearing, cabbage eating, scrabble playing boring' granny for unpaid childcare while his parents go dancing. After a discovery in the biscuit tin he realises there may be a lot more to his Granny! Together Ben and Granny go on a journey across London to steal the Crown Jewels!

Funniest Scene:

Robyn: Lots of very funny parts, my favourites were Ben's dancing competition, his dancing is really bad. I also liked it when they were swimming in fdcb8ece07dbaa012d4f694d680ebdd4.jpgthe sewers. I loved the Queen's disco dancing and loud trumping too Do excuse one!

Alison: I enjoyed Walliams' send up of the Celeb Culture & the world of Strictly & BGT (of which he has first hand experience as a judge of course!) giggled alot at Ben's Mum's hero worship of the greasy Flavio Flavioli & her collection of souvenirs including pizza crust, foot powder & Flavio's G String (which she regularly sniffs!) The show is enjoyable on several levels for different ages, adults will really enjoy the satire, although it's not overdone. The cabbage induced flatulence is very funny - you can't beat toilet humour to amuse all ages!

Favourite Characters:

Robyn: Granny, she was very funny, her naked yoga, trumps & her very funny mobility scooter getaway vehicle especially when she rides it on the motorway & the Police catch her.

Alison: All excellent however for me the most grotesque characters were the most interesting & entertaining - especially enjoyed the selfish, Strictly obsessed parents & Nerdy neighbour Mr Nosey Parker, who has echoes of Mr Walliams himself, brilliantly played by Benedict Martin.  He received boos worthy of the best panto villain! Umar Malik also deserves a mention as a superb Raj / Flavio.

Most Memorable Moment:

Robyn: When the Queen steps out of the TV & starts disco dancing. Oh and the naked yoga, I loved the naked yoga!

Alison: Granny's last scene in the hospital. Nicely dealt with & very moving. Warning - take tissues!

The Set 311745fe0d8e84d359ccb745c51848a9.jpg: The very clever set deserves a special mention, 3 spinning Tardis like pieces that magically transform (with the help of a little wild dancing) into living room, bedroom, Raj's shop & even the Tower of London! The set is a work of art and  entertainment in its own right.

Powerful Themes - As with all Walliams books there is a strong moral underlying the hilarity. In Gangsta Granny it is that beyond the elderly façade of cabbage & cardigans there still lives a youthful free spirit, look beyond appearances, discover & treasure our older generation while we still can. Walliams also poignantly explores growing older, loneliness in older life and touches on the selfishness of our busy lives & parents living their own dreams vicariously through their children.

Raring2go! Rating ***** 5 Stars Highly recommended. Go & see it!

Perfect Family Theatre - It would be a crime to miss Gangsta Granny Live! 

Fast moving, lots of lively fun & laughs whilst retaining the magic & message of the book. Refreshing family theatre, hilarious yet heartwarming - you will love it.

For more information please visit:

Birmingham Stage Company

Birmingham Stage Company

The Birmingham Stage Company world premiere of David Walliams' Gangsta Granny tours the country until January 2017

Click here for more information 

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