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Competition open from 13 Jun 2024 to 16 Aug 2024

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The Large Screen
A minimum OmniplexMAXX screen measures 15 meters in ‘Flat’ ratio or over 20 meters in ‘Scope’ ratio. We curve the screen by 5% for optimum ‘light gain’ and to achieve a more even spread of light.

Advanced Sound
Omniplex Cinemas have partnered with Dolby Laboratories to install Dolby Atmos in our OmniplexMAXX screens. Dolby Atmos is the most advanced audio available, and rather than being channel based like standard 5.1 surround sound it is object based meaning every speaker can create its own individual sound within the auditorium, even the ceiling speakers! A typical OmniplexMAXX screen may have anywhere between 35-65 speakers, each creating its own sound.

Dolby Atmos creates ‘moving audio’ by using a multitude of speakers around you and above you. This allows you distinguish even the smallest of sounds in great detail making it feel like you’re right in the middle of the action..

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