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Win a family ticket to Magic Alley, Stratford Upon Avon

Competition open from 31 May 2024 to 21 Jul 2024
magic alley golden grimoire

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We’ve teamed up with Magic Alley in Stratford Upon Avon to offer you the chance to win 6 tickets to their ‘The Golden Grimoire’ event this Summer.

Immerse yourself in a world of the shadows where history meets the mysterious, with the recent unveiling of Merlin’s original Book of Shadows—a treasure trove of secrets and spells that have remained hidden until now. This magical manuscript is said to contain answers to some of the greatest mysteries of all time—from the location of the lost city of Atlantis to the secrets of eternal youth, and the alchemical transformation of base metal into gold.

Click here to find out more about Magic Alley’s The Golden Grimoire event

Embark on an epic quest that is perfect for seekers of hidden knowledge and explorers of ancient legends, suitable for curious minds from older children to adults. The Golden Grimoire is not just an event; it’s a voyage through the annals of mystical wisdom. Guests are invited to step into the world of a wizard, navigating through a labyrinth of enigmatic puzzles and cryptic riddles scattered across ten mesmerizing rooms, including the alchemist’s hidden laboratory and the ancient halls of Camelot.

Each room is a gateway to a larger world where you must use your cunning and bravery to break the spells and codes that protect the knowledge within. Determine the answers to age-old questions and unlock the mysteries that Merlin himself safeguarded in the mystical realms of his mighty book.

The Golden Grimoire at the Magic Alley Mystical Museum of Mythology and Magic offers a unique blend of education, entertainment, and enchantment, perfect for families seeking an engaging day out, friends looking for a mysterious rendezvous, and anyone eager to test their puzzle-solving mettle. Will you be the one to uncover the hidden truths buried in these ancient pages?

Don’t miss your chance to experience this adventure into the world of magic and mythology. Book your tickets today and step into a realm where every corner holds a secret ready to be revealed. Are you ready to unlock the Secrets of Merlin’s Magical Manuscript?

This event is recommended for children over 6 but 4 and 5 years olds may join in as long as there is at least one child over 6 in the group

Although fully accessible there may be a treasure hunt element which may be more difficult for wheelchair users due to it taking place at ground level.

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