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Win an ultimate family games bundle from Playmonster UK

Valid from 8 Jun 2022 to 10 Jul 2022
Playmonster UK

Family time will be extra exciting with this amazing bundle from Playmonster UK with 8 games for the whole family. The famous 5 Second Rule challenges players to name 3 things from the card in 5 seconds or less – it’s harder than you think! Drone Home is the first game with a real drone! Silly Sounds gets everyone to make the silly sounds stuck on the headboard with ears. While Puzzled combines a fast-paced board game with a problem-solving puzzle. Going on a trip or holiday? Then the 5 Second Rule Mini and the Pop-A-Tops games have everything you need to keep the family entertained on the go – test your skills on history, martians, cake making and much more! Hilariousness is the aim of the game!

5 Second Rule Electronic, £21.99srp, 10+
It should be easy to name ‘3 Things That Go With Chips’ – but can you do it under the pressure of 5 seconds counting down and with other players staring, waiting for you to get flustered?

5 Second Rule Mini, £8.49srp, 8+
A mini version of the popular party game where you need to name 3 things under 5 seconds – in a new portable pack you can take anywhere!

Silly Sounds, £13.99srp, 8+
Silly Sounds is the new family-fun party game where everyone gets to make and guess the silly sound stuck on their headband!

Pop-A-Tops Heads of History, £7.99srp, 6+
Pop-A-Tops are self-contained, packable and portable games, for 2+ players. Pop the top to “roll” the dice and race to find the person with the closest matching birthday or iconic event!

Pop-A-Tops Match a Martian, £7.99srp, 6+
First Earthling to match the card to the dice wins! Race to find, match and grab the alien card first to win the round.

Pop-A-Tops Bake a Cake, £7.99srp, 6+
Pop the top to “roll” the dice! Race to collect and match the cake topping card to build your cupcake!

Puzzled Farmyard Fun Run, £10.99srp, 3+
Puzzled combines a fast-paced board game with a problem-solving puzzle! Take your turn to spin the spinner and make your move, racing other players around the board. Collect puzzle pieces on the way to build your farm and win! The large circular gameboard also doubles as a stunning puzzle, whilst finding the object game completes the entertainment.

Drone Home, £21.99srp, 8+  
Drone Home is the first ever game to feature a real drone! Enjoy this fast-paced kids’ action game where there is a race to save your aliens and get them to safety.

The games are available from Playmonster UK, toy retailers, online and supermarkets.

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