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Type IT! Touch Typing Classes for 8-18 year olds

Type IT! Touch Typing Classes for 8-18 year olds

Learn to Touch Type in just 10 Weeks!
Do you realise that almost all text your child will write during his or her life will be done on a keyboard?

The hunting and pecking of keys is frustrating and slow, Wendy says. By learning to touch type, your child can increase their writing speed between 2 and 5 times, making it a skill that will improve their productivity for life.

Learning to touch type with Type IT! means that even after 10 lessons, students will be able to always find the correct letter without thinking. It is just like learning to ride a bike.
The Type IT! course is highly recommended for both boys and girls from 8-18 years old. All abilities are welcome.
Wendy says, Learning purely at home by rote can become boring. By coming to class each week where each lesson is fun and enjoyable, it ensures that motivation is maintained. We have seen excellent results so far at our courses at Heathfield School and Northwood College.

 Follows the National Literacy Strategy
 Boosts confidence and self esteem
 Fun motivational games
 Once mastered, never forgotten!
 Recommended for children with Dyslexia

Visit our TV Channel to see our classes in action:
HOW TO BOOK: Please call Wendy on 0208 864 0325 or visit our website.
The course runs for 10 weeks during term time after school.
When: Thursdays 4.30pm-5.45pm. See website for dates
Age: Open to all children from age 8-18.
Where: The Old Office,
24 Roxeth Hill,
Harrow on the Hill,
Cost: £135.00 ( one off fee of £30.00 for home user version of software). Payment can be made in 3 instalments.


For boys and girls from 8 - 18 years old


See website for details


The Old Office, 24 Roxeth Hill, Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, HA2 0JT

  020 8864 0325    


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