Stagetime is a fresh, fun approach to theatre education. Teaching children Singing, Acting, and Dancing using teachers qualified in the relevant disciplines and using only comfortable, high quality venues, Stagetime makes Performing Arts more accessible than ever.

The benefits of Performing Arts for children are well documented. Children will have the opportunity to boost their confidence, concentration and self-esteem, and learn many vital, highly transferable skills, such as interpersonal skills, self-discipline and motivation. And not forgetting, of course, having FUN!

Our classes are taught by teachers with qualifications in the relevant areas and, unlike many other groups, we do not restrict our classes in aiming towards a particular show, preferring to concentrate on the student and teaching them the safe and professional techniques and skills required for a variety of performance types.

Our young performers will soon benefit from a unique system of rewards and achievement levels using a bespoke syllabus created with current West End professionals and qualified Drama teachers. This means that each child (and parent) can take pride in their individually tailored journey through our fun, innovative system of rewards.

Why choose Stagetime for your child? What is it that makes us different?

Stagetime is a newly designed approach to theatre education. At Stagetime we aim to actively build both life and performance skills, embracing engagement, embodiment, and enactment. The latest educational studies all conclude that the key skills enabled by theatre studies lessons (critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, imagination, communication, conflict resolution, agility, and empathy) are vital to our children's futures both socially and in their future ability to find employment.

Which is great except'€¦ Over the last few years it has become clear that there is a real danger of "The Arts" being pushed out of our school curriculum completely. Formal provision for Drama has already gone from our primary schools, and GCSE drama is also under threat. Currently there is no entitlement for primary children to learn about or take part in regular drama lessons, and for those schools who try to keep these subjects onboard no guarantee that they will be allowed to employ specialist teachers for what will be an "off timetable" activity. So though previously parents have looked for opportunities for their children to have fun with out of school activities more recently the choice of these activities has become even more relevant to their futures...

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