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Sport 4 Kids LogoWho are we?

Sport4kids are a children's sports education provider, specialising in working with children from nursery age through to secondary schools.  Our overall philosophy relies on adopting a child-centric approach to coaching children's sport and technical excellence, with a large emphasis placed on combining fun, technical skills and building confidence in children.  We believe that if children are able to have fun when learning a sport, they will demonstrate higher levels of engagement in technical coaching sessions.  From these high levels of engagement, we are able to develop passion, skills and confidence which can be the difference in the achievement levels of children when playing competitively.  We believe in creating a caring and all-inclusive environment where children are able to learn and develop their own skills on both an individual level and a team level. 

Here are some of the examples of our Skills Classes.

S4K Tots Football is for babies and younger children beginning their activity sporting life and usually ranges from 18 months to 3 years.  Child development is important at this age.

Learning to learn, experiencing group activities, sitting, standing, walking and running in line and watching others is all part of the S4K entry level experience. Our exercises are designed for toddlers to use their imagination and our warm up sessions are aimed at getting them to listen to simple instructions and interact in activities with their coaches in a fun, humorous and easy to follow play environment.

S4K Kickers is the second stage of development where children are introduced to the basics of the game and begin to develop skills which are built upon as their ability increases. The ball is tailored to their size and children are encouraged to participate in structured games and imaginative free-play, adding yet another dimension to their already flourishing footwork. By this stage most of our S4K Tots move up and will have a basic coordination which enables the coaches to expand on the skills learnt before.

S4K Tots Rugby is aimed at providing our little ones with their first introduction to sporting life and ranges from 18 months to 3 years. 
Toddlers are able to join in with exciting and imaginative games aimed at introducing them to structured learning, social skills like turn taking and preparing them for life in nursery and pre-school by including key Early Years Framework initiatives. 
Our rugby toddlers will walk, run, listen and take direction from our coaches as well as mum and dad in our parent-child tots class. Learning to learn and experiencing group activities are all part of the S4K rugby entry level experience. 

S4K Cubs Rugby is the second level of development along our Rugby Player Pathway after our S4K Tots program. At this point, we introduce the Cubs to the concept of catching and playing with friends. The ball is foam, weighted and tailored to their size and children are encouraged to participate in structured games and imaginative free-play, adding yet another dimension to their already flourishing rugby skills. 

Schools / PPA service is market leading.  We use our bespoke Pupil Pathway curriculum, which allows children to track their own progress across our foundation, key stage one and key stage two programmes.  Vitally, the pathways provide children, instructors, teachers and parents with a transparent approach to physical development across all ages and a common language for communication.  We provide children with their own Pupil Pathway record book that allows them to track their progress throughout the course of a school term and academic year.  

School PE Enrichment clubs - We provide a wide range of activities for our children to take part in throughout the school week.  Our Early Rise, Lunchtime and Extra-Curricular  afterschool clubs provide children with the chance to explore a wide range of sports and activities - some of which they may never have encountered before.  All of these activities and sports have been developed through in depth research and development at Sport4Kids, incorporating the best coaching techniques from around the world.  Our football programme has been developed from the teachings of the Dutch Coerver method, the Spanish tiki-taka and the Brazilian Futsal approaches, while our rugby programme focuses on the precision exhibited by the New Zealand Rugby Union team and the Australian Rugby League set up. Other programmes that we are able to offer include netball, gymnastics, dance, hockey, basketball as well as a our "Gala Sport" programme, including archery and "Disco Diamond Cricket".  We pride ourselves on offering a wide reaching range of activities, including our ActivKids programme, which focuses on offering children routes to natural exercise through fun and engaging activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle - particularly in those children who may not wish to take up a traditional sport.  

In our classes we look to merge child psychology and learning, entertainment and fun along with the development of confidence through individual skills coaching.  Our vision is to build pathways for each child that helps the parent see the individual skills development as well as a journey towards team play and gradually increase that in a controlled way to more competitive sport.

***NEW Dance coming to Broomfields Junior School, Appleton Saturday's from Saturday 28th October & St.Gregory's High School Sunday's from Sunday 29th October***

Tots age 18months - 3 years 8.30am -9.15am

 Movers age 3years-5years 9.20am-10.05am

Shakers age 5years-7years 10.15-11.15am

Dance Academy Will start after Christmas 11.20-12.20pm ages 7-11 years 

***NEW Venue for Strikers and Lions at Bridgewater High School, Appleton***

Starting Saturday 30th September 2017.

Strikers Football age 5-7years, 12-1pm

Rugby Lions age 5-7 years,1-2pm

***NEW Venue Lymm Village Hall starting Sunday 5th November 2017***

Tots Football skills age 18months - 3 years -8.30am-9.15am

Tots Rugby skills age 18 months-3 years - 10.10am-10.55am

Kickers Football age 3-5 years -9.20-10.05am

Cubs Rugby age 3-5years- 11.00am-11.45am

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