PoolSkool's philosophy is based on individual One to One tuition in a private yet fun environment making them your number one choice for swimming lessons in Camberley.

Gaye Nowak (who originally started from the swimming pool in a back garden by teaching family and friends on a One - to - One basis) has built up the business using the philosophy that One - to - One swimming lessons are the best possible means of quickly and cost effectively teaching all ages to learn both to swim and perfect their stroke technique as they develop.

Gaye is an experienced Physical Education teacher with fully accredited ASA teaching and County Swimming Judge and Time Keeper qualifications and also has a teaching qualification for the teaching of Physically Handicapped and has had experience of teaching both Physically and Mentally Impaired students.

Pool temperature is kept at ninety degrees which allows instructors, parents and toddlers to spend extended periods of time in the water and it also encourages students to look forward to their next lesson at PoolSkool.

PoolSkool is open 7 days a week and offers swimming tuition to all abilities of swimmer, including: Intensive 5 day school holiday courses. School term weekly lessons after school and at weekends. Group lessons of up to 4 in a class. Lessons for children with special needs. Adult lessons.

Mother and Toddler: Specifically tailored to allow mothers and their children to build familiarity with being in the water. Pool temperature is kept at ninety degrees which also allows instructors, parents and toddlers to spend extended periods of time in the water with minimal movement and exercise.

Beginner Swimmers: This programme is designed for anyone who needs to learn the rudimets of swimming no matter what age or level of anxiety in water. Our instructors will always determine the pupils history and level of ability before proceeding with a planned course to ensure the quickest route to getting results.

Improver: Once a child is able to swim proficiently they will move on to learn the basics of all four strokes ( Front Crawl, Back Crawl, Breaststroke and Butterfly ). As they become proficient in these strokes they may be interested in developing their swimming abilities further and will be well placed to join a local swimming club. (After all swimming is recognised as being the best form of exercise).

Stroke and Technique Improvement: Stroke and Technique Improvement Once a swimmer joins a club and begins to compete it becomes more and more vital to improve their technique in all four strokes - Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Fly (or Butterfly as it used to be known).

Adult Classes: PoolSkool and its One - to - One method of teaching in private pools - away from the gaze of the public - is ideal for those adults who want to learn to swim but are frightened, embarrassed or have anxieties or a Phobia with water or submerging in water.


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