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We have heard about babies in the womb responding to music and once born 'recognising' a familiar tune their parents may have played before birth. Music, especially lullabies, has been shown to have a positive healing effect on sick babies in intensive care units. Infants as young as 2 months are able to match pitch, loudness, melodic contour and by 4 months can match rhythmic structure as well. And very soon after birth a baby will show a preference for sounds that mimic the mother's voice. Kindermusik Village© for babies provides a relaxed, happy environment where parents connect with their children and exchange experiences with other parents. Parents also learn about music's effect on their baby's development. The 45 min class is designed for babies as young as newborn up to 18 months and each activity can be adapted to suit lap babies, crawlers and walkers. That's important as this age group covers a wide range of developmental stages and physical abilities. Here are some of the features of a Kindermusik class: Bonding/Quiet time - an opportunity for the child to understand he can relax at times other than his bed time. It also aids their listening skills and appreciation of music. Musical baby - Each week baby is exposed to a variety of musical styles from multicultural music to jazz, classical and folk along with a wide choice of different instruments, all which are safe and developmentally appropriate. Baby's brain - Each experience which a baby has in the early years and how often he has it influences how that brain will function in the future. In a Village© class by experiencing a variety of objects, movements and sounds new neural connections are made in the brain and strengthened. That's why variety and repetition are key elements of the Village© class. Moving with baby Repetition of movements is also key for baby's brain and motor development. Holding baby in or moving baby to different positions is important for development of their vestibular system which helps control balance. Baby's Communication Communication with baby starts with physical contact - cuddling, stroking, rocking etc. When vocal play activities are introduced in our class a conversation can unfold where the adult matches and imitates sounds, be it the moo of a cow, chug of a train or a click of the tongue. Our courses also contain baby signing to enable the child to communicate effectively before they have the words available and overcome frustration of not being understood. Making it Fun It is clear that the strongest effects of music are found from active participation in music making so it is important that a baby music class is fun for the parent and child and the social interactions they have with others in class. The Best Start Club The Best Start Club, run by Iris Powell, is your local certified Kindermusik educator. Well known for fun, dynamic Baby Signing classes, now include a full music programme for your little ones. Iris Powell also holds a British Sign Language Certificate. She has signed since early 2001 with her own children and has vast experience teaching babies and toddlers. The Best Start Club are currently recruiting new music teachers to teach classes from birth to 7.


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