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Jo Jingles Ascot

Jo Jingles Ascot

Jo Jingles music, singing and movement class for babies and preschoolers in Winkfield Row and Bracknell is among Britain's best after being nominated for an top national award.

The Jo Jingles classes, run by local mum Jackie Thornton, are in the running to scoop the top prize from the UK's biggest parenting sire
The music classes, which run at Carnation Hall in Winkfield Row, Whoosh at the Bracknell Leisure Centre and at Jennett's Park Community Centre in Bracknell, sees parents and carers interacting with their babies and young children in fun and lively music classes.

Jo Jingles 3-5 year class starting on Weds 11.30 in Winkfield Row (near Ascot).  Book and pay for just half a term and receive one free class.  Contact Jackie on 01344 484473 or for all details.

For more information, please contact Jackie on 01344 484473 or


, RG12 9SE

  01344 4844473    


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Why seize the summer?

Why seize the summer?

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