Cartwrights Swim Schools


Cartwrights Swim Schools was established in 1989 at a small hotel swimming pool near stansted airport with just the founder David Cartwright responsible for the provision of swimming tuition to a group of two member's children. This rapidly expanded to the hotels nursery and the wider local community. From this small acorn a national swim school has emerged, teaching thousands of students every year.


Our team is made up of a select group of trained professional, ranging from professional swimming teachers to our computer expert. The team work closely together to provide a unique and efficient service to our clients. Our key priority is to teach the key fundamentals of swimming to a high standard and then we aim to build on these foundations for long term development.


At Cartwright we believe that swimming is a life skill that opens up a whole world of opportunity for those who participate. Olympics athletes may evolve from our swim schools, along with many swimmers who now enjoy a safe and healthy sport; others will go onto scuba dive, sail or share the experience of swimming with their own families one day. Our reflective approach engages swimmers in the programme and embraces each individuals needs, providing a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn.