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Baby Swimming

Baby Swimming

Babies are born with the 'diving reflex'. When babies are submerged the reflex ensures they automatically hold their breath. 

We teach babies to breath hold intentionally, using the verbal cue "ready go". 

During the first term your baby will learn to swim short distances underwater.

Your child can start classes from the age of 3 months and up to 14 months. If your child continues through the program, he/she will eventually learn to swim on top of the water.
Classes now in HAMPSTEAD!



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Most children love to help in the kitchen, whether it is preparing a whole meal or baking some tasty treats. We have lots of yummy recipes that the children can help with, and that the whole family can then enjoy eating. Click here to take a look at our recipe section for mealtime inspiration and cheeky goodies to try with the family this summer!!!

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Get 20% off Wallace & Gromit's Musical Marvel

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