Brockholes is a new kind of nature reserve; an unreserved reserve, located just off Junction 31 of the M6 near Preston.

Follow us on our adventure as we watch wildlife 'move in' to the reserve and host many fun events at our floating visitors centre. There is a lot to see and do at Brockholes, as the visitor village is complete with a restaurant, shops and a welcome centre. You can also explore our family-friendly hides, walking trails and play area.

Brockholes is an old quarry site, and there are lots of amazing habitats to explore and wildlife to see. We have one of the largest strips of ancient woodland in the UK, species-rich hay meadow, large wetland areas and the beautiful River Ribble running along the edge of the site. Brockholes is also one of the best sites in the country for birds, in particular breeding waders.

We've created an environment that provides habitat (homes) for lots of different wildlife. Some of the homes, particularly for birds, are temporary because they migrate and only spend some of the year at Brockholes. Hides, paths and viewing points have been built to allow you to see the wildlife at close quarters without disturbing it.

You'll be amazed at the variety of plants, birds and insects you can find at Brockholes. Listen as well as look out, for there's a wonderful variety of song and calls to be heard. Some birds you might hear but never see! 

There are various trails around the reserve, ranging from a 30-minute trail suitable for buggies to a more adventurous 2-hour trail around the reserve. Click here for full details.

Play Area
Children can swing, climb, balance and bounce in the play area whilst you relax on one of our picnic benches.

  • NEW Climbing Forest
  • A miniature gravel quarry for scooping, digging and transporting fun
  • Bouncing flower
  • Play hut
  • Swings
  • Balance blocks
  • Chain path
  • Jackstraws see-saw
  • Zip Wire

Please click here for more details

Floating Visitor Village
Our floating Visitor Village features a gift shop and a restaurant providing stunning views across the lake. You can also discover our interactive Welcome Centre and learn all about the wildlife that you could see on-site. Be sure to call in to pick up a welcome leaflet that will help you plan your day. You can view the reserve map in our Welcome Leaflet here to help you plan your first visit.

Entry to Brockholes is free, but you do pay for car parking, and all profits go back into the reserve. Parking is £2 for up to 1 hour, then 35p for every subsequent 20 minutes.For example: if you stay for 2 hours you will be charged £3.05. The maximum daily charge will be £7