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Snazaroo launches innovative face paint Brush Pens


e5d67599bbb698e0cb7ec7a0713419e2(12).jpgAs World Book Day approaches, the nation’s leading face paint brand, Snazaroo, has launched an innovative product to help children transform into all kinds of characters from their favourite books.

In an industry first, Snazaroo has combined paint and brush to create a range of face paint Brush Pens with an easy-to-use twist base. The smart combination along with a precision nib, allow for easy and mess-free application. The handy Brush Pens can be applied on the go- so it doesn’t matter if you’re making your World Book Day costume in a hurry! Set to revolutionise face painting, Snazaroo’s face paint Brush Pens mean World Book Day doesn’t have to be reason to panic. 

Snazaroo, the nation’s leading face paint brand, announces the launch of its new Brush Pen range with an easy-to-use twist base - an industry first that makes face painting clean and easy, designed to bring first time buyers into the category.

The smart combination of paint and brush, along with the precision brush nib give both beginners and specialist face painters increased control and accuracy - meaning no more separate water brushes, no mixing and less mess.

Snazaroo Brush Pens are available in five different packs, each containing three 2ml colours used in the most popular and fun face painting designs.

  • Adventure Pack: Contains red, gold and blue- ideal for superheroes, pirates and more. 
  • Halloween Pack: Contains black, white and orange- a ‘spooktacular’ combination. 
  • Fantasy Pack: Contains purple, pink and silver to conjure up the fairies, princesses and butterflies within. 
  • Monochrome Pack: Contains two black 88657803b1e7af787dc8df3c6c034451(12).jpgbrush pens and one white- historically the two most popular and versatile Snazaroo face paints. 
  • Jungle Pack: Contains yellow, green and brown- perfect for transforming kids into the most fearsome of jungle creatures, such as lions, tigers and cheetahs. 

Ideal for quick and small designs, as well as bigger visions, the Snazaroo Brush Pens can be used by both adults and children alike. They have been designed to promote independent play as they can be used with limited supervision.

This breakthrough innovation is grounded in consumer insights from parents looking for low-level creative activities to do with their children, or for children to do on their own, encouraging transformative play. 

The paints are also great for more accomplished face painters who are keen to save time and mess, increasing their creativity.   

Additionally, the Snazaroo Brush Pens targets the millennial market by tapping into the widespread festival face paint trend with handbag friendly brushes designed to be used on the go.

All Snazaroo products are suitable for sensitive skin types and easy to wash off, while the face paints are fragrance-free and specially formulated to be gentle on the skin.

Snazaroo Brush Pens are available at Early Learning Centre stores nationwide from January with an RRP of £9.99. More stockists set to be announced shortly.



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