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Turpentyne Fine Art Classes for Children, Gosforth

Childrens Classes

Fine Art Courses at Turpentyne

Located on Ashburton Road in West Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne, we offer Fine Art Courses for children, adults and teens.

Our courses are structured around the revolutionary concept that children are amazingly capable.  They can learn to use art materials properly.  They can see form and shadow.  They can achieve much more artistically than many adults imagine!

The courses are skills based fine art curriculum that teach children of all ages and skill levels to draw and paint realistically.  Mediums taught include a variety of drawing and painting materials and subjects include animals, cartooning, landscape, portraiture, still life, master studies and more.

The courses are high quality fine art instruction.  Not your average messy makers arts & crafts.  Students are taught how to “see” as an artist, fostering the understanding of how to draw and paint.

In addition to the building of confidence that results from the ability to render realistically, students also benefit from art instruction academically. A Stanford University study found that “children in the arts use linguistic and cognitive thinking skills — such as long-term planning, critiquing and focused attention — that can reap positive social and academic benefits”.  Learning to draw and paint opens a childs eyes to the world in a way that they may have never seen it before.  They learn to see detail, measure visually and problem solve; stretching their imaginations while drawing upon prior knowledge, engaging their brains in new ways.

Turpentyne has classes on weekdays after school and Saturdays during term time and also in the school holidays we offer week long morning and afternoon workshops. Please visit the website at for full details.

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