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Tumbles and Grumbles First Aid Courses

Adult Classes

Tumbles and Grumbles empower Parents, Grandparents and Children with the confidence and skills to be able to help their friends and family in an emergency.

Most Parents wouldn’t know how to help their child if they choked or were unconscious, or how to recognise signs of meningitis or sepsis. All of our Tumbles and Grumbles trainers are both Healthcare Professionals and Parents, so we understand how important it is to know how to help your child from both a professional and personal perspective. We have branches across the North East and our Parent/Guardian Baby and Child first aid courses are only £29pp.

We also know the importance of teaching children first aid, so they can help you, their grown-ups, if you become ill or are injured. As this has now become part of the curriculum in Schools we are working with more and more children to teach them life saving skills in a fun and interactive way. Our vision is to create a Nation of Little Rescuers today who will grow to become a Nation of Big Rescuers tomorrow.

Parent testimonials: “Great baby and child first aid course; Caroline was fantastic in the way she explained and demonstrated everything. The course has given me confidence that I will know how to deal with accidents and emergencies in future if I need to. Would definitely recommend to anyone who has or works with children.” Holly McDermot

“This superb short babies and children First Aid course has really set my mind at ease, making me feel more confident and reassured in my ability to help if something awful were to happen. It was informative, practical and very well delivered by Caroline. Overall it has left me feeling that I could do the right thing in the most frightening of situations, and would highly recommend it to anyone, especially for family members looking after babies or young children. Caroline was an exceptional instructor, with a friendly, approachable and down to earth manner.” Ian Yeats

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Tumbles and Grumbles Franchise Opportunity


We are very excited about expanding Tumbles and Grumble across the UK and are looking for franchisees to join out family.

As a Tumbles and Grumbles franchisee you will empower both adults and children with the life-saving skills of first aid, whilst having the freedom to work around your own family and lifestyle.

Becoming a franchisee and being part of the Tumbles and Grumbles team ensures you have ongoing support to make sure your franchise flourishes and also generates a good income for you.

We are looking for passionate, driven people with great energy, who share our vision to help save lifes through empowering individuals with life saving skills.

At Tumbles and Grumbles we offer 2 great franchise opportunities. Each franchise requires a specific skill set so please do head on over to our site to find out more.

The hours are set by you as the franchisee, but a minimum of 15 hours per week helps establish your business in the initial stages.

This is dependant on hours worked but in the first 18 months you can expect to earn between £15-20k operating profit, which is projected to increase each year.

Best suited to:
Tumbles and Grumbles franchisees come from a range of different backgrounds such as Healthcare, Education and Childcare. Many of our team are also Parents themselves. Most importantly, you need passion and enthusiasm to inspire Families to learn life-saving skills. We can teach you the rest!

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