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Splat Centre Soft Play, Whitley Bay


Splat Centre is a children’s centre featuring many services and facilities for children. These facilities include The Splat Coffee Lounge, The Splat Academy and The Splat Shop.

Is it a soft play?
Whilst we do have a fantastic play frame with aerial glides, biff bags, crawl tubes and slides (even one that comes through the ceiling!!) and other play facilities, we offer much more than just a soft play. Children who come to play at the centre have the opportunity to do arts and crafts activities and story telling as well as the playframe. The arts and crafts and storytelling are no extra charge.

We offer a range of party packages. Please see for further details.

Tell me more about what there is at the centre?
There is a coffee lounge serving freshly brewed coffee and other drinks as well as delicious paninis, jacket potatoes. We also have scones, pastries and a carefully considered children’s menu that includes healthy alternatives and none of our food is fried. We have a ground floor seating area where parents and carers can relax. We also have a small shop selling exclusive educational toys and other special items.

Admission Prices
Whilst we are proud of our fantastic play frame, toddler area and sensory areas, the admission price you pay is not just for use of the play facilities. Sessions are unlimited (This may be time limited at busy periods) and the children can choose whatever they want to do from the range of facilities on offer!

Under 6 months – FREE!

Adults – FREE!

6 months up to 1 yr old – £1.00

Under 2’s – £2.50

Under 4’s – £3.50

4 years and over – £4.50

Childminders & Foster carers can register with us to qualify for special admission rates

No extra charge just for it being a weekend or bank holiday or school holiday -these prices are fixed!

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