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We are a small family business offering a range of services for people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. We started our company in 2022 by creating a safe inclusive space for those who struggle to regulate in busy environments after realising as a SEND family ourselves that these services weren’t available. This meant we were able to offer our services to community events to make it more inclusive for SEND families.


Our services have since expanded into areas where there are great need. These services include 1:1 working- we are commissioned by Worcestershire County Council currently and are working on other areas to expand this service. We host stay and play events outside of term time which are designed to meet sensory needs but are fully inclusive to the public. These events give SEND families the opportunity to meet other families and provide opportunities for children and adults with SEND to build social skills alongside other key life skills by learning about the world around them through play.


We also offer party packages which include individualising packages to suit a person’s interests and can offer optional extras such as party favours. We are fully aware that many SEND children and adults are excluded or not catered for at parties. By offering a party service, we can help party hosts feel confident that it is suitable for the individual(s), whether that be the birthday boy, girl or invited guests.


Our newest services include designing and building sensory rooms and making bespoke communication boards which is a service available across the entire UK. From low budgets we can offer a range of products to suit everyone. Our products range from small sensory toys and fidgets, up to large equipment.


Our communication boards are a unique design like no other available which is quickly taking the UK by storm. Since launching the boards, we have received several enquiries and orders across the UK. We have taken many strategies of communication and applied them to our design, ensuring that it is suitable for multiple users not just for those with special educational needs or disabilities. Visit our website and take a look at our boards and some of the children putting them into use in local areas.


We endeavour to continue to our work to make society more inclusive and accessible for SEND families and really appreciate the support that has been given to us from the public.



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