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RockReef & PierZip


 Voted ‘2021 Travellers’ Choice’ by Trip Advisor, RockReef is an indoor activity attraction located at the end of Bournemouth Pier. RockReef includes 28 Clip ’n Climb fun, themed, indoor climbing walls providing varying degrees of exciting challenges suitable for all abilities and all ages from 4-94.

Adrenaline packages can also be booked for those thrill seekers. The outdoor activity is the world’s first pier to shore zip wire, the PierZip; a 250 metre dual zip line. A must-do activity for both visitors and locals. If you can climb the 60ft tower at the end of the pier, you launch yourself off the platform and zip surf 250 metres over the sea, landing on the beach below. A dual line means you can go two at a time and race each other to the beach below!

There is a HighLine aerial obstacle course consisting of wooden obstacles suspended 20 feet above the ground. If you make it around the first time, you can take on the challenge again – blindfolded! For the keen explorer, there is the Pier Cave with lots of twists and turns and even hidden ball pits!

Guaranteed to get your heart rate rising if you dare, the Vertical Slide is for adrenaline junkies! Participants wear a full body suit to protect the skin and to give extra slide ability. Handlebars are winched down, you need to hold on tight and the challenge is to see how high you can go as you are pulled up to an upright position and hang away from the slide, some 25 feet up.

You decide when to let go…feel the gravity and speed as you are pulled back on to the slide! This one is a sure winner in the adrenaline stakes!

The Leap of Faith is one of the most challenging activities at RockReef and ‘a must’ for all daredevils!

It starts with a nail-biting climb up the 20ft pole to the platform, walk the plank to the edge. Take a breath and count down from 3 then leap off the edge and reach for the moveable punch bag.

All participants wear a full body harness and helmet. The punch bag can be set to be as close to or as far away from the platform as you wish, depending on the challenge desired. Great value family tickets are available and discounts are given for groups of 10 or more.

RockReef is an exciting combination of fun and physically and mentally challenging activities. The Adventure Activity Attraction where you will test your limits and have amazing fun with friends or family.

For those that just want to watch all the action, there is a lovely café located on a mezzanine level inside RockReef where, on one side of the café, you can watch all the exciting indoor activities and from the other side you can enjoy the spectacular views across the bay.

Reviews on TripAdvisor are proof of the fun that can be had at RockReef with visitors expressing positive feedback “Great staff, really fun and safe activity walls and high ropes” and “Our 10 and 11 year old girls really enjoyed themselves. Definitely recommend it for families”.

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