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Redditch Youth Fencing Club

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RYF Club meets between 10 – 12 every Saturday at the Youth House on Ipsley Street in Redditch. It is for 8 – 18 years. RYF is clubmark registered. 1st session FREE!

Redditch Youth Fencing Club meets at Trinity High School, Easemore Road – note that the carpark entrance is off Other Road B98 8DT by The Fisherman’s Catch – every Saturday morning, during term time, from 10 until 12. RYF cater for children aged 8 – 18 and have around 30 members attending every week.

A typical 2 hour fencing session includes:
•10:00 to 10:20 – Warm Up & Stretching
•10:20 to 11:00 – Fencing Games (Plyametric Games designed to improve co-ordination & fitness)
•11:00 to 12:00 – Sparring & Technical Fencing Coaching

West Mids BYC Results 2012
Gold Marshall Glarvey U12 Boys
Silver Mirron Webb U16 Boys
Silver Ben Webb U12 Boys

Fencing takes place on a 14 metre long by 1.5 – 2 metre wide piste. The sport is extremely fast and making refereeing decisions can be very difficult.

Whether hits land is judged by the electric scoring equipment but the referee makes the decisions on who, if either, scores.

At major events, such as World Championships and the Olympics, to aid both the spectators & the referee, floor or large panel lights behind the pistes show the hits.
Video replays have also been introduced at major events. Fencers can ask for a decision to be reviewed or the referee can now check the video himself before giving a decision.

At these events, fencers no longer trail wires behind them, wearing a wifi transmitter pack instead. The system is currently extremely expensive, so restricted to the very top events, but cheaper versions are likely soon to be available.
Bouts are first to 5 hits in the early part of individual competitions, where a poule of fencers all fight each other.

This becomes 15 hits in the later, knockout stages.
Team matches are now normally run on a relay system with each bout picking up the score where the last on left off.
For teams of 3 the winner is the first team to reach 45 hits or be leading if time runs out.

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