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Papalona – boost your family’s mental wellbeing

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An easy, effective and affordable way to boost your entire family’s mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Simply play our tracks in the background whilst your family are going about their day or sleeping.   Let our soothing nature sounds relax them, all the while knowing that underneath, set at a level the subconscious mind absorbs, positive affirmations are sinking into their psyche to make lasting change and lay stronger foundations for good mental health.

No difficult conversations with teens who don’t want to talk, no figuring out the monster under the bed, no persuading your partner to just “give it a go”, simply press play and let our audios do the work.

Sounds too good to be true?  Try for yourself free for 7 days and let the results speak for themselves

It’s easy to see results… I cannot recommend these enough and the bonus is you feel like you’re doing something right as a parent!  (Annelize, mum to S 10 and A 8)”


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