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Nemo Swimming Lessons

Childrens Classes

Hello, and welcome to Nemo Swimming!

If you are reading this, then FIN-tastic! This means you’re looking for swimming lessons for your baby, toddler, or young child, and we’d like to congratulate you for coming the right place. A warm welcome to Nemo Swimming; we are the go-to provider of swimming lessons for hundreds of little swimmers across Newcastle, North and South Tyneside, Northumberland, and County Durham.

We provide fun, rewarding and structured swimming classes for children aged 0-4 years old. Designed to promote safety within the water, we use games, repetition and play, to boost your child’s confidence while swimming.

Each class lasts 30 minutes, and is led by a fully qualified, knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Classes incorporate a carefully balanced set of activities, including swimming skills, submersion, floatation, songs, and – most importantly – fun and games.

Nemo Swimming is sensitive to the needs of younger swimmers, and we understand that each week can present new challenges. Of course, every child reacts differently to these challenges, and this can sometimes affect their willingness to get into the pool. Through our regular directed training, Nemo Swimming staff are prepared for these situations and are continuously developing new ideas to ensure your child always has an enjoyable learning experience in the water.

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Parent testimonial:

I’ve been going to Nemo Swimming classes since my now-toddler was only eight weeks old, and we have loved each class! She has made such progress and today used a SwimFin to swim for the first time unsupported by me – it was amazing to see how much she’s grown in ability! Massive thank you to Nemo Swimming; they always make the classes fun, with loads of encouragement, and tailored tips and activities for each child. Five stars!

Aimee – July 2018

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