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National Childbirth Trust


The National Childbirth Trust have both a vision and a charitable purpose in which they adhere to.


Our vision is a world in which parents are valued and supported to build a strong society, believing that a child’s early years significantly impact upon the future they help to shape.

Charitable purpose

  • offer information and support in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood.
  • campaign to improve maternity care and ensure better services and facilities for new parents.
  • aim to give every parent the chance to make informed choices.
  • want to make sure that everyone has access to our services and activities.

The charity will assist parents within their 1,000 days, right from pregnancy to the child’s 2nd birthday. Most parents would agree that the time from childbirth can be the most stressful and challenging part of an adults life and, with each new baby comes a whole new set of priorities, dilemmas and challenges.

NCT have long believed that the First 1,000 Days matter. For more than 56 years we have delivered a trusted service to parents.

Together, parents and the charity alike can benefit the lives of children through the early years to adolescence into adulthood and beyond to the next generation.

NCT have been changing lives of parents for the better since 1956. We work to help all parents-to-be and new parents feel supported, informed and confident through:

  • Pioneering thought leadership in research and information
  • Being instrumental in achieving important legislative and policy changes in maternity care
  • Continually listening to the needs of parents so we can advocate on issues that matter most to them

From introducing antenatal classes, to allowing fathers into the delivery room and protecting women’s right to breastfeed in public, they have fundamentally changed the experience of all new mothers and fathers.

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