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Adult Classes

Life is so fast, isn’t it?

You’re expected to do it all. Juggling work, the kids, the housework, and all the other things on your to-do list. It’s endless and it’s exhausting. You have very little energy left and no time for self-care.

Maybe you’ve promised yourself that 2022 will be different.

You can’t ditch your to-do list, not taxi the kids around, not show up for work, so how do you change things if you can’t shake up your life?

You change your thoughts and the way you deal with things.

Mindfulness is the perfect way to do that.

Hi, I’m Sue and I’m a mindfulness coach. I teach stressed, overwhelmed women (and occasionally men) how to let go of the things they can’t control and find peace even in the most hectic of lives.

As women, we put so much pressure on ourselves to do it all. We carry the load, we put other people first and we forget how important we are.

In 2022 I want things to be different for you.

I’m running mindfulness meditation classes starting in May at Hagley Community Centre and Norton Community Centre – £6 for 1-hour.

But what on earth is mindfulness?

Mindfulness is all about learning to live in the moment – it’s that simple! If you’re right here, right now, you’re not dwelling on the past or stressing about the future. And how do we do this? By meditating and paying attention on purpose.


I will show you mindfulness techniques, how to use mindfulness in your everyday life, and how to reap the benefits.

Whether it’s while you boil the kettle, walk the dog, take a shower or sit waiting for the kids to finish their after-school club, you can always, always find moments to be mindful. Letting you relax, unwind and breathe

My Story (the short version)

So, after I trained to be a mindfulness teacher, I started putting things into practice, meditating daily and things were going along smoothly. Then the proverbial hit the fan! I had 2 family members die, a pet die, I was responsible for selling a house, emptying it, sorting out solicitors and feuding family members and the final blow came when someone hit my car and wrote it off. All this happened within a 4-month period too. You know what though, I coped, I coped really well in fact. If all that had happened to me just 2 years earlier when I was already stressed, I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened. I 100% truly believe it was all down to mindfulness and daily meditation.

Living mindfully and practicing mindfulness can help you turn down those stress levels, juggle life with ease, enjoy things more and allow you to feel calmer. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that?


Would you like to feel:

  • calmer
  • happier
  • less stressed
  • worry less
  • sleep better
  • learn how to switch off
  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Meet like-minded people
  • Make new friends

Then sign up now and come and join us.

All you need to do is Call Sue on 07980595178 or email


Spaces are limited, so BOOK NOW and let’s transform how you feel.

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